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“Okayama Fruits”: Uniquely evolved within the prefecture.

Grapes and peaches are cultivated nationwide.However, Okayama produces peculiar, unprecedented fruits through its own unique style of cultivation.White peaches, for example, are covered in paper wrap until harvest, protecting its beautiful white skin.Even the paper wrap differs depending on the brand of peach.With the cultivation process being this thorough, it can be said that the peaches are more of a “work of art” than a fruit.
Differing from grapes of other prefectures, which take on the form of an inverted triangle, Okayama grapes take a loose bale shape due to the slight trimming of the buds on its lateral branches. The reason for this is to prevent the grapes from falling off of the stem when being transported far distances; this is done by each of the grapes supporting each other. Our producers exert extra care as to not disappoint their valued customers. Shops specializing in high quality fruits choose Okayama products specifically for these reasons.
The following are part of the profile introduction for “Okayama Fruits”. These fruits, having plenty of unique qualities, are high quality products that Okayama boasts to the world. Tasty for eating. Lovely for gifting. Delightful for receiving. Enjoy the products of “Fruit Kingdom Okayama” to your heart’s content. 

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Okayama Fruits Across the World


Okayama-produced High Quality Fruits for the World

Since we would like to have many people know about our valuable Okayama-produced fruits, we are spreading word of our delicious white peaches and grapes from within the prefecture to the rest of the world.
We are sending information on white peaches, pione grapes and shine muscat to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore every year during each of the respective seasons. We also host events in Thailand and Malaysia to popularize Okayama fruits. Beautiful and delicious Okayama-produced fruits are highly rated by each country, and the season for each has become something that is highly anticipated.


We have worked towards the popularization of our Okayama-produced fruits, and we will continue to offer our further refined products to the world from here on as well.

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