Okayama peaches

White peach harvest sceneWhite peach harvest scene

Variety of white peaches

There are a variety of white peaches; the ripening season and flavor differs according to each variety.
Among the wide varieties, the “Shimizu White Peach” is one of the most famous peaches produced in Okayama. Once you taste its splendid flavor and juice, you can never forget it.
The “Okayama Yume Hakuto” is rather large and is very sweet. It is a special, new variety that can only be produced in Okayama.
Okayama has other tasty white peaches. These magnificent peaches are made in Okayama, not only because of the gifted environment, but also because the producers have always worked very hard and taken good care of the peaches.

To each type, its own individuality and taste.

Introducing Okayama’s representative white peach brand.
Introduction of Okayama’s tried and true brands of peaches.
The deliciousness is passed down from June to September as follows:
Extremely early ripening – Early ripening – Mid-season ripening – Late ripening – Extremely late ripening

The juicy, fresh taste of the extremely early brand.
The enjoyable rich flavor of the late ripening brand. Discover and indulge in each kind!



Hanayome are small and very sweet.
They ripen during the very early harvest stage,
so we get to enjoy good peaches without waiting till summer.
With its beautiful reddish appearance it has fulfilled
many peach lovers who just can’t wait until summer.

Hanayome are in season from late June till early July.



Hakuhou and Shimizu White Peach are the two most famous varieties.
Many Hakuhou-lovers are dazzled with the soft texture,
plentiful juice and rich sweetness.
OKAYAMA made Hakuhou especially have a high reputation with
superb quality, rich sweetness and a refreshing aftertaste.

Hakuhou are in season from mid-July till late July.
Shimizu White PeachShimizu White Peach


【Shimizu White Peach】

Shimizu White Peach, which is the most famous variety, has a graceful color of pinkish milky white.It can be referred to as the ‘Queen of Peaches’, for it has a splendid blend of soft texture, juice and sweet fragrance.Many people anxiously wait for the Shimizu White Peach to be in the markets, and they are also popular to be sent as gifts as well.

Shimizu White Peach are in season from late July till mid-August.


【OKAYAMA Yume Hakutou】

It is a new variety which was given the name OKAYAMA Yume Hakutou, meaning Okayama’s dream.This peach is a large white peach with delicate flavor and clear sweetness.
Recently many people choose this type for it is a rather large variety; an average of 350g to 400g, and sometimes you can even find ones that are 500g!

OKAYAMA Yume Hakutou are in season in mid-August. 



As the name implies (its Chinese characters literally meaning white and gorgeous), a beautiful white peach.
This white peach offers a firm fleshiness, distinct sweetness as well as succulence and aroma. With many becoming fans after just one taste, it is highly rated as the brand that will carry the next generation of white peaches. Its quality in taste and appearance also make it popular as a gift. However, the cultivation of this brand is very difficult, so the shipment quantity vastly differs from year to year. Be sure to not miss out on the timing for this gem!

Hakurei are in season from early August till mid-August.



A filling, firmly-fleshed white peach.
Inside of its red, slightly gummy skin, lies a fruit juice whose flavor is as rich as honey.
Since this brand is on the larger side with its weight ranging from 300 to 350 grams, it has a large popularity as a gift to others.

Kawanakajima are in season from early August till mid-August.

How to eat peaches deliciously.

If you cannot find any green colors on the stem of the peach, that means your peach is fully ripen. You should enjoy it right away. If you leave it in the refrigerator to cool for two hours before you eat it, you can enjoy it even better!
But be careful not to cool it too much. If you leave it in the refrigerator too long, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the flavor or sweetness. So if you can’t eat it right away, leave it in room temperature, but try to eat it as soon as possible. Avoid leaving it in the refrigerator too long, or under direct sunlight for the peach may rot.

The best way to enjoy peaches are eating them fresh, but if you have more than enough peaches, try making some fresh peach jam. Cook it in an enamel pot, with half the amount of granulated sugar of the peaches.

You can enjoy the jam along with some yogurt, or mix it with milk to make a refreshing drink!