About Okayama’s grapes

Grapes made in Okayama have a high reputation as peaches do. We owe it all to the forgoers who worked very hard from the Meiji period to acquire brilliant techniques and to hand down the tradition until today. Their passion is what makes Okayama’s grapes so special.

Muscat of Alexandria has more than 90% of the market share for grapes in Japan and it is referred to as the ‘Queen of Fruits’. New Pione is referred to as ‘Black Pearls’ and Shine Muscat are a new variety – all are made in OKAYAMA with pride.

Variety of grapes

Okayama’s grapes

You have a wide variety of grapes to choose from; red, green, black, purple, various flavors and texture…

Grapes produced in Okayama have impressed many people with the various qualities they have to offer. For example, some have rich aroma of musk, others are easy to eat because you can just pop it in your mouth without peeling it, and some are large and filled with juice…each variety has its own appealing feature.

Grapes made in Okayama offers you the best quality because they are produced with special care. The superb quality comes from the long history and pride of the producers in Okayama. See for yourself by tasting some grapes from OKAYAMA.

What other varieties of grapes does Okayama have?

Of course, there’s more! Grapes are in season from May till December.
The grape producers in Okayama take pride in the wide range of high quality varieties they have to offer.



【New Pione】

Large size grapes filled with juice and rich aroma will definitely satisfy your taste.
The graceful fragrance can be enjoyed casually because it is easy to peel.

New Pione are in season from late May (greenhouse) till late October (outdoors).


Aurora Black

【Aurora Black】

Okayama’s original. They are large seedless grapes with rich flavor and sweetness. They have edible skin, so they are easy to eat and have become very popular.Aurora Black has a different flavor compared to the same blackish grapes such as New Pione and Kyoho.

Aurora Black are in season from late May (greenhouse) till late October (outdoors).


Muscat of Alexandria

【Muscat of Alexandria】

They are a high class variety that used to be cultivated in a glass greenhouse. It has graceful fragrance and rich sweetness.Not only are they enjoyed fresh, but they are also enjoyed as wine and pastries.

Muscat of Alexandria are in season from late May (greenhouse) till early November (outdoors).


Shine Muscat

【Shine Muscat】

Shine Muscat are seedless grapes that you can eat without peeling. This is a new variety with the refreshing fragrance of Muscat. It has a high sugar content of level 18 and a low acidity which gives the impression of a very sweet grape. Shine Muscat produced in Okayama are well known for its high quality and beautiful appearance.
Shine Muscat are in season from early June till late October.


Seto Giants

【Seto Giants】

Seto Giants are a new variety of grapes that were originally produced in Okayama. They are green-colored grapes that are bursting with freshness and refreshing sweetness.You can easily recognize them by looking for a neck like those you can find on a peach. This graceful, bold, and heavy bodied high quality variety is a very popular kind.
Seto Giants are in season from mid-July till late November.


Shien Grapes

【Shien Grapes】

The redness of Shien Grapes is like red wine. The graceful red and bursting rich sweetness is the distinctive feature of the Shien Grapes.
These are seedless, easy-to-peel grapes so children and elderly people can enjoy them easily.

Shien Grapes are in season from late October till early December.


Enjoying the various qualities

Delicious grape of Okayama JapanGrapes have various impressing features.
For example Muscat of Alexandria are a graceful variety with marvelous fragrance; New Pione are seedless and easy to peel; Seto Giants are seedless and the skin are edible.We believe that each variety has its own magnificent feature and it’s not the matter of which is better than the other.

Such as Muscats have a graceful fragrance, while Seto Giants can be enjoyed casually. New Pione have a rich flavor, and Shien Grapes have a very graceful appearance; so grape producers hope that everyone can enjoy the different features of each variety. Comments like “Grapes made in Okayama are delicious!” or “I want more of these grapes!” are the finest compliments for the grape producers in Okayama.



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