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Okayama fruit


Known as The Land of Sunshine, Okayama’s warm climate and the superior techniques of its growers have resulted in delicious, high-quality fruit.
We hope for you to learn more about the wonder of Okayama’s fruit products through this site. 

Okayama's 3 treasures

Okayama fruit

About Okayama and fruits

Find out about the environment and history of the “Fruit Kingdom - OKAYAMA”, where high quality fruits are grown.

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Okayama Peaches

About Okayama’s white peach

Introducing the finest, tasty white peaches you can find only in OKAYAMA.

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Okayama Grapes

【About Okayama’s grapes】

Discover why grapes made in OKAYAMA are so exquisite  and graceful.
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Okayama fruits

The finest fruits in Japan

Japan is known to have advanced technology in fruit cultivation, and within such a country, Okayama is especially known as the ‘Fruit Kingdom’. A wide variety of high quality fruits, such as peaches and grapes, are grown in Okayama. Not only for the gifted environment of mild climate and infrequent natural disasters, but also, thanks to the long hard work of the foregoers, had the people of Okayama acquired brilliant technique for fruit cultivation. The honest and the diligent personality of the people of Okayama may be the key to their success.

And on this “OKAYAMA FRUITS Information Site”, we will introduce to you the magnificent fruits of Okayama. Discover the magnificence of the fruits from
Okayama such as white peaches and grapes.
Okayama FruitsOkayama Fruits
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About Okayama’s white peach

Okayama’s peaches are well-known among the Japanese for the folk tale of “Momotarou (Peach Boy)”, and peach blossoms represent Okayama as the “Prefectural Flower”.
Full-scale peach cultivation began in 1875 (Meiji Period), when peaches were brought to Okayama from China. With the gifted environmental features and the long hard work of the foregoers who acquired brilliant techniques, Okayama became one of Japan’s largest peach producers.

“White peaches” are grown with extra care; each fruit is covered with a small bag to protect the delicate soft white skin to ripen it to perfection. This process requires a lot of work, and is an important technique in cultivating the finest peaches. Comments like “I’ve never had peaches that are this soft and sweet.” and “Peaches made in Okayama are always delicious!” are the finest compliments for the peach producers in Okayama.

Okayama PeachesOkayama Peaches


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Okayama Grapes

About Okayama’s grapes

Grapes made in Okayama have a high reputation as peaches do. We owe it all to the forgoers who worked very hard from the Meiji period to acquire brilliant techniques and to hand down the tradition until today. Their passion is what makes Okayama’s grapes so special.

Muscat of Alexandria has more than 90% of the market share for grapes in Japan and it is referred to as the ‘Queen of Fruits’. New Pione is referred to as ‘Black Pearls’ and Shine Muscat are a new variety – all are made in OKAYAMA with pride.

Okayama GrapesOkayama Grapes
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